Christmas Surprise Photos


As a photographer we can make great images of our customers. Here is a fun one that anyone can try.

“You Baby Photography” by Kelsey Scott


• Tripod
• Wired Remote
• Subject
• Box Decorated (Not Sealed, one with Top, not folded)
• Flash with wireless transceiver 
• Trigger
• Towel (dark to match the apron around tree if can)
• Glitter (Silver or Gold)
• Gaffers Tape
• Small Flash Light (Canon Shooters)
   For this scene we should be in front of a Christmas tree with other presents displayed around the tree.  Our subject should be a young Child preferably. He or She should also be explained to this is a fun photo for others to see.  


Place tripod in front of tree at a height that is level at an even height or at least  one heads height above our subjects head. Have camera on top of tripod in landscape position (where the picture is wider than tall). Have Trigger on top of Camera to be able to control the power output of flash. Place our flash in the box.  The Flash should be on top of out transceiver. Our transceiver is attached to the little Light Stand that comes with our flash. Have the Towel (dark in Color to match the Apron around tree)under the box big enough to be able to catch any of the loose glitter. Use Gaffers Tape to tape down the little light stand to the box with the Transceiver connected to it and the flash on top of the transceiver. You want to be facing the subject at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees perpendicular to our subject and box. Have someone in the family or friend be above the box sprinkling the glitter down over the box and partially the front of our subject. Make sure the subject is showing looks of SURPRISE  and AWE!!!.  Also make sure the Christmas tree lights are turned on.  


We want the settings on the camera to be:
• SS (Shutter Speed) 1/125 to 1/200 (because the SS controls the ambient light around the tree) 
• AV (Aperture) at f/8 to f/11, ISO at 100 or lowest setting, Distance of Flash to Subject will be about 1-2 feet, Power Setting (FLASH) 1/4 to 1/16 ( play with these to obtain the look you want). These settings control the Flash.
Final images should show a surprise on subjects face as the flash fires and the glitter is falling through the light into the box showing in the light. you should try to make sure the assistant does not let themselves be seen in the photo. This image is to display look of fantasy of sorts.

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