Halloween Photoshoot

September 1, 2016  –  October  31, 2016

practice setting up for shoot for camera and lighting settings


This is for all or any photographer that would like to participate in this fun event. I a shooting my sessions with either strobes or  speedlites. I am shooting during the daytime and creating a nite time look with Dry Ice to giving a dramatic effect.  I am also going to be using Gels for also creating another dramatic look. Ok so we all know that the Shutter controls the background, and the Aperture controls the Flash/strobe. The whole project is to create a moonlit night scene during the day so I don’t have to do too much in Photoshop


1.) Correct Exposure

Once we get our setting from taking a perfect exposure shot while in (AV-Aperture Priority)- Settings : SS 1/30,  AV f/2.8,  ISO 100



2.) Setting Exposure 1-2 Stops under exposed

I also metered with my Sekonic light meter to get the f/3.2 which was just under the sweet-spot for the Sigma Lens the 70-200 f/2.8

Our settings are:                           1st Image – 1/60, f/3.2, 100                                                                                                            2nd Image – 1/100, f/3.2, 100

I also set Camera’s White Balance to Candescent so I would get a blue tent in the back ground while I attached a CTO 1/2 gel to the Speed-light to give it more of a realistic look for a night time with the moon shining in the background.


 Final Image :

Settings:  SS 1/125, AV f/3.2, ISO 100  made it a little darker for the simulation of night time at around 10am.

When I do the actual shoot, I will also include a fog maker using Dry Ice, while shooting in a grave yard.

So please post you photos in the Sekonic Light Meter page of mine.

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