New Photographer What Do I Do

Three Simple Lessons

Set camera to Manual Mode

Shallow Depth of Field:

  1. Have subject away from background
  2. Shutter Speed equal or higher than the focal  length of our Lens
  3. Aperture set to the widest open setting such as (f/1.2, f/1.4, /f/2.8, etc……….)
  4. ISO set to the lowest setting 100, 200, etc…….
  5. Fill the frame with our subject as much as Possible.

    Red Cardinal
    Red Cardinal, Shot with my Canon 6D and a Sigma Lens 150-500mm 1/1600, f/6.3, 1250



Deep Depth of Field (sharp 

  1. Have Subject up close or far away from back ground
  2. Aperture set to f/16 or higher up to f/22
  3. ISO set to 100 or higher
  4. Then adjust to obtain proper exposure
  5. Have the subject as far away from you or camera as possible  

    Occoee River valley
    Occoee River valley . Shot with my Canon 6D 1/20, f/22, 50


Photographing Sports (football)

  1. Have your Shutter speed set to 800 or higher.
  2. Have ISO set to 800-1000 or higher depending on time of day or night.
  3. Set focus point o a single or a 5 point setting.
  4. get as low to the ground as possible
  5. one can practice on cars, this will help you get good with maintaining a point on you subject
Mercers University Football
Canon 7D mkii 1/250, f/4.5, 1600


With these little lessons, a beginner photographer can go out and have some fun. yo can see how much fun one can

have shooting in Manual Mode to have total control over the cameras functions and settings. When you can understand

the camera settings this makes the magic we always read about or hear about. Here are a couple of books I have read to help

understanding the camera and  learning the settings. these Book are “EXPOSURE” PHOTO WORKSHOP by Jeff Wignall

and “UNDERSTANDING EXPOSURE” by Bryan Peterson. These are two of the best books around for learning about you camera

and the settings. There are exercises for one to practice with. I did these exercises and got better every day. 


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