Photographing  Sports

The How to Shoot Sports

The Why’s, The How’s, The Pro’s & Con’s, The Process, The Gear

   Well, we all want those special photograph of that special someone (Our Little Rug-Rats), Those sporting events to possibly get work from local news papers or maybe some magazines.  So we all head to the park where the event is being held, We get there, stop after we try photographing our little ones and we look and nothing but blurry images, UGGGGGG we moan. Most of the time when we start out photographing subjects we work in either auto, manual, or Aperture Priority. What mode we don’t think to shoot in is Shutter Priority on Canon Cameras known as TV.

  The thing that new or low-experienced photogs lack in the understanding of the principal factors of each Mode. Well,  AV(Aperture Priority) is a Volume factor mode controls measurement  of Volume,  Manual is full control by each photog, Auto (Green Section) the camera has full control.  BUT, when we shoot with the Shutter Priority(TV), this is a Time Value Mode. This means anything that is consisting of movement, you want to shoot with controlling the Stopping of movement by using the MODE of TV.

             HELPFUL HINT:  Always shoot with TV set to 1/1000 and Lock the AV to the lowest Aperture possible, and ISO adjust as needed-

                                                                                                                             1/1000, f/2.8, 100

The Pro’s & Con’s:  Well it is nice to be able to get those motion stooping sharp crisp images.

                                     The Con is if you shoot in Continuous Shooting mode, if you are not careful you could end up with shooting close to the                                                          Maximum Shutter amount then you will need to replace the Shutter mechanism. That could be costly.

Process: The starting point in the Process begins with the settings for the exposure, then we need to set up the focus system with our AF points, then we need to do some test shots before we actually shoot the event.  So, I set my camera up to the settings of SS: 1/1000 (minimum), Lock my AV: f/2.8,  ISO: 100 minimum. The I set my AF point to a Single Point or up to a 5-point focus point up in the camera, then I select my images to be saved as jpg format, this is for speed in shooting and capturing images. The faster writing speed also helps with you capturing your images.  I have included these photos which I shot at Mercer University Bears vs East Tenn State U. I utilized these setting or even went higher numbers.


Should anyone want to have private workshops to practice these procedure and get much better at this type photography please contact to see if I am available. Thank you for reading and visiting my site.

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